yeedi mop station
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Redefine Floor Cleaning with Built-In Mop Washing Machine

yeedi vac station is one of the best-priced robot vacuum and empty station combos on the market.


The yeedi vac station is a feature-heavy robot vacuum that does a great job cleaning your home and offers intelligent zonal controls.


The base sucks out the contents of the bin completely and I’m very impressed.

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I tested how well it mops on theses red wine stains and I was surprised how it cleaned most of it after a single two pass.

Cordless Vacuum Guide

I liked that the robot seemed to “think” about how to maneuver out of a tight area.

MJ Vanhecker

We were impressed by the modern look and smart functions that it has to offer.

Hung Hua

yeedi customer


I was dust mopping twice a day, but now there is no need.


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