yeedi mop station - yeedi Germany
yeedi mop station - yeedi Germany
yeedi mop station - yeedi Germany
yeedi mop station - yeedi Germany
yeedi mop station - yeedi Germany
yeedi mop station - yeedi Germany

yeedi mop station

Regular price €649,99

2 Spin and Pressurized Mops:
2 spin mopping pads with 10N downward pressure stick close to the floor to capture all dirt and debris.

Washing Machine for Your Mops: 
The self-cleaning station featuring 3500ml separate water tanks washes the dirty mops automatically like a washing machine.

2500Pa Suction Power:
Boast up to 2500Pa strong suction power to suck up dirt hidden deep in the crevices.
Navigate Smartly:
The Visual SLAM technology combined with the floor tracking sensor learns your home layout precisely and plans a neat and efficient cleaning path.

180mins Runtime & Auto Recharge:
The built-in 5200mAh battery fuels up 180mins of runtime on a single charge.  Automatically recharges and resumes cleaning.

Big Houses with Multiple Rooms
People Looking for Truly Hands-Free Cleaning Solution

What Do You Expect from A Robot Mop

After mopping with my robot mop, it looks like I have called for house cleaning service.

It vacuums and mops at the same time, so when I turned it on, the crumbles and dirt just vanished before I notice them.

I wish it could identify my floor, so I won’t worry about contaminating my carpet.

But There Are Preconditions to Effective Mopping Performance.

Enough Water Is a Must

Never can you mop up a space with a cup of water if that place requires a bucket of water to clean. No matter what high-tech robot mop you are considering, do check their water tank capacity because without sufficient water, you just can’t get an ideal mopping result. 

Mop with Proper Pressure

We all know pressing the mop tightly against the floor can agitate stubborn stains effectively. So you won’t get an ideal cleaning result by merely attaching a mopping pad to the bottom of your robot. 

You Need a Clean Mop

If your mop does its work properly, it can get pretty filthy after massive cleaning. You have to check its dirtiness and wash it in time to ensure further mopping performance. 

Is There Any Way to Bridge the Gap Between Your Expectations and Reality?

Meet yeedi mop station - The Ultimate Robot Mop It Unfolds a New Era of Floor Cleaning

Bye, Hands-On Mopping Pads Cleaning

Clean Your Floor Like You Would

Say Hi to Mopping Performance You Can Rely On

Cautious On Design, Generous On Water Supply

Move the Mops Better than You Do

Press Tighter, Mop Better

Every Corner, Even the Unseen, Shines

Unique Design, Universal Coverage

We Care About Your Carpet

Say Goodbye to Hands-On Mopping Pads Cleaning

Built-In “Washing Machine” for Your Mops

Separate the Water Tanks to Integrate Cleanliness

Always Clean and Fresh

Embrace Stunning Vacuuming Performance

Zero Tolerance for Debris

Tangle-Free, Worry Free

Map Out Your Home and Navigate Smartly

Clean Day and Night

Sounds Complicated? But It’s Easy to Control!

Our Little App Can Be of Great Help

Feel the Power of Your Voice

Don’t You Worry About Low Batteries

What You Get

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